Car Checks

Car Tax Check: Discover the current tax status of any UK vehicle, ensuring compliance with local tax regulations.

MOT Check: Verify the MOT status and history of a vehicle, confirming its roadworthiness and safety compliance.

Outstanding Finance Check: Ascertain if there are any unresolved financial obligations or loans attached to a vehicle.

Stolen Car Check: Check to ensure the vehicle has not been reported stolen, safeguarding your purchase.

Car History Check: A comprehensive overview of a vehicle’s past, including ownership, service, and repair history.

Write Off Check: Determine if the vehicle has been previously written off, indicating significant past damage or insurance claims.

Check Car Insurance: Ensure that a vehicle is currently insured and review the details of its insurance coverage.

Scrapped Car Check: Confirm whether a vehicle has been officially declared as scrapped, indicating it’s no longer suitable for road use.

Car Spec Check: Gain valuable insights into vehicle specifications.

Number Plate Check: Understand the history of any plate changes for any vehicle in the UK.

Car Tax Calculator: Use our report to find out the car tax rate for any vehicle in the UK.

Bike Check: Reveal the history of any motorcycle in the UK.


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