Car History Check

A car is a big financial commitment, and as with any purchasing decision, you want to be as informed as possible before you sign on the dotted line. A car history check provides an easy way to understand everything that a car has been through so you can determine if it’s the right investment for you.

Is a car history check the same as a pre-purchase inspection?

A vehicle history check gives you all the information about a car without revealing its current condition, such as import and export status, outstanding finance details, stolen vehicle records and mileage anomalies, plus much more. An inspection, however, focuses more on the physical condition of a car – both are essential before making a purchase decision.

When should I get a car history check?

If you’re buying a used car, you want to know as much about its past as possible, such as any underlying issues it may have or whether it’s been previously stolen. A car history report will tell you everything from the number of previous owners to whether it’s taxed and details of its MOT history, in a quick and accessible way.

There are various reasons why you need a car history check

We understand the importance of knowing as much about a potential car purchase as possible. At Free Car Checkr, we offer a quick and easy way to find everything about your vehicle from a trusted source that you can rely on.

  • A car is a big financial commitment, and when buying a used car, you need to know about the vehicle’s past.
  • One in three used cars had issues with their last MOT – information you need to have as a potential buyer
  • A car history check gives you confidence that you’re investing in the right car for your needs and budget
  • A car history check will detail whether it has previously been stolen or if the car being sold to you now is a stolen vehicle to prevent legal issues for you in the future

Car History Check FAQ

Why is a Car History Check Important?

When you buy a used car from a private seller or a dealer, you need to understand that there’s an inherent risk – you might not necessarily be getting the car you think you’re buying. You could be buying a stolen car, for example, without realising. Or there may be mileage inaccuracies that mean the car you think your buying actually has many more miles on the clock.

For example, studies show that one in three cars have had issues show up on their last MOT, and that one in ten cars have salvage or auction history. With one in eight cars having been written off in the past, a car history check is the best way to know precisely what you’re paying for.

You need to be sure that the car doesn’t have any underlying problems that could cost you down the line and a car history check, along with a thorough pre-purchase inspection, is the best way to protect yourself. With these details, you can ensure that the details all correlate and question any issues before you hand over any cash, to validate the vehicle and that the seller is genuine.

What does a car history check show?

A car history check through Reg Car Check will give you a history of the vehicle you’re thinking of buying, including:

Any outstanding finance on the car, which can be a costly problem to resolve later on if it turns out there’s debt associated with the car

Insurance write-off, along with the loss type and the date of the accident

Salvage check to see whether the car was seen at a salvage auction and the details of any damage

Stolen car check, to let you know if the car has been stolen and then recovered, or if the vehicle you’re buying is currently stolen

You’ll also have access to the logbook, MOT history, previous owner count, mileage report and any useful details on the performance and emissions of the car, and the details of its make, model, colour and handy specs on the vehicle.

How can I tell if a vehicle has been in an accident?

A pre-purchase inspection is still essential when you’re buying a car, but it should be backed up by a car history check as well. Physically, you should check the car for any paint mismatches, dents and repair marks, as well as shine differences that could indicate that the car has suffered some damage and has been repaired by the seller.

Through a car history check, you’ll also have access to a salvage/auction check which will give you pictures of any damage incurred.

Does a car history check show mileage?

Yes, a car history report will provide you with a full mileage history of the vehicle so you can check whether they match up with the mileage you’re being shown by the seller. Mileage discrepancies are unfortunately a common occurrence, so with a car history check, you’ll know whether this is the case with the car you’re considering buying.