Free Car Insurance Check

It’s against the law in the UK to drive on a public road without valid insurance. The penalties can be severe, including points on your license and a hefty fine. So, it’s essential that you know how to check if a car is insured to avoid any consequences.

What are the penalties for neglecting a car insurance check?

As of 2020, the maximum penalty for driving without insurance is 6 to 8 penalty points on your license and a means-tested fine which can be anything up to £5,000, depending on your earnings. In certain cases, you could even receive a driving ban, so checking your vehicle insurance is valid is critical.

Why do I need vehicle insurance?

All motorists are legally required to insure their cars, which provides financial protection if an accident occurs that causes damage or injury to another person, vehicle, property or animal. Policies can vary and may or may not include repair costs for your own vehicle too. It is important to provide all of the correct information so in the event of an accident you will have a valid insurance claim. 

There are various reasons why you need to check vehicle insurance is in place

We understand that it can be confusing knowing whether you have valid insurance in place:

  • Drivers are legally responsible for checking that their vehicle is insured before driving on any public road
  • You need to ensure that you have the correct insurance in place for your vehicle
  • Insurance protects yourself and others from harm and damage to people and property
  • Having insurance in place removes much of the stress and hassle involved in dealing with the aftermath of an accident