Motorcycle History Check

Check the history of a motorbike before purchasing it to ensure you don’t fall victim to a scam or waste your money. Enter the bike’s registration number to reveal all important details about its history.

Why get a motorbike check?

Just as when you buy a car, when you purchase a pre-owned bike, you want to be sure you’re buying something that doesn’t have an adverse history. You also want to be certain that the bike is the value you’re paying for it and that you know that it’s been looked after.

A bike check can tell you all the details you’ll want to know, from the current market price so you can be sure you’re paying the right price to the number of previous owners and much more. A bike check report will uncover any details before you sign on the dotted line and part with your cash, making it a worthwhile step in the buying journey.

Our bike checks have protected countless riders from scams, providing complete convenience for buyers and an affordable solution. Our reports are comprehensive, ensuring that you have access to the very best data at all times so you can make confident buying decisions.

What does a motorbike check tell me?

A bike check report will provide you with various details about a bike, including:

  • Estimated mileage history, taken from the most recent MOT test
  • Full MOT history with advisory and failure notices of the bike components
  • The MOT expiry date and tax due date
  • Age of the bike
  • CO2 emissions
  • Performance data
  • Estimated running costs

Your report will also give you details about whether there’s any outstanding finance on the bike, whether it’s been recorded as stolen and if there are any mileage discrepancies. It will also inform you if there have been any number plate changes and the number of keeper changes that have been recorded by the DVLA over the course of the bike’s history.

Bike Check FAQ

Why Should I Get a Motorbike Check?

Before you make any big purchase, it’s always worth doing your research and making sure that you have all the information at your disposal. A vehicle is no exception, and if a bike seems too good to be true, it’s worth having the details to back it up so you can be sure you’re not buying into a scam. It’s a way of safeguarding yourself against stolen bikes, bikes with outstanding finance or write-offs that may otherwise look perfectly fine.

It’s also the easiest way to check if a motorcycle is genuine. By using the VIN and engine number’s digits, you can check the vehicle against the report to ensure that all the data and details you’ve been given match up to the databases.

When Should I Get a Motorcycle Check?

You should carry out checks prior to buying a motorcycle. It’s part of being a responsible purchaser. Doing your research before parting with your money can help ensure you don’t get lured into any scams without realising.

Free car checks can give you a lot of valuable information but for a comprehensive check, it’s worth getting a premium vehicle check to make sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Why is There No Data Available For My Bike?

If there’s no information available for your bike, it may be that there’s an error with the registration number that has been typed in. Make sure that you pay attention to the format of the number plate, such as checking whether it’s a number 0 or a letter O, as this could lead to difficulty finding the bike. It may also be the case that if the plate has recently been transferred from another vehicle, it could take a few weeks for the data to be available.

How Can I Check How Many Previous Owners The Bike Has Had?

A premium check will report the number of owners a vehicle has had, as well as how long each owner had it for and when they acquired it. It makes it easier to piece together the history of a vehicle and how well it has been cared for when you have access to previous owners, MOT history, and other similar details.

How Can I Check If a Bike Has Been Written Off?

A vehicle history check can be used to check if a motorcycle has been recorded as written off, but it can also provide you with other details that might be an issue, such as if it’s been scrapped or if the vehicle has outstanding finance.

Can I Check if a Bike Has Been Stolen?

A full bike check will show you if a motorcycle has been recorded by the Police as being stolen.