MOT History Check

When you check the MOT history of a car before purchasing it, you protect yourself from unexpected repair costs and unfaithful sellers. With our free MOT Check, you get a complete, objective technical picture and ensure your vehicle remains legal and roadworthy.

When and why should you get your vehicle MOT checked?

Driving a car in the UK with an outstanding MOT is against the law. Such effort can cost you a fine (up to £2,500.00), 3 points on your driving license, and/or a ban from driving. It is essential to have your car in a condition that meets UK standards. Any car is subject to an annual MOT check after the first 3 years. Check MOT of a used car before buying and get a full MOT history report today.

Check MOT of a used car before buying.

An MOT represents a primary historical document for the vehicle you plan to purchase. An MOT shows the existing faults and can identify potential future ones to keep you informed about the car’s condition. Use Free Car Checkr’s one-step service to get a FREE check of the car’s MOT, mileage history and other critical data points before you make a purchase decision.

Vehicle MOT Check FAQ

My vehicle doesn't have a valid MOT. What should I do?

If police stop you without a valid MOT status, and your car is seen as "unroadworthy," you could be facing a penalty of up to £2,500 and 3 points on your driving license. Every vehicle on the UK roads is required to have a valid MOT certificate to avoid putting yourself and others at risk.

What if a car has failed an MOT test?

The MOT failures are classed as Dangerous Faults and Major Faults. Dangerous Faults in MOT: If the MOT has picked up a problem classed as "dangerous," the car cannot be driven, and you can only relocate it by a tow truck. Dangerous faults include leaking hydraulic fluid, missing wheel nuts, etc.

Major Faults in MOT: A car still fails its MOT with major faults, but it may be drivable to the garage.

Nevertheless, it's highly not recommended to do so. Major faults in MOT include failed catalytic convertors, noisy exhausts, etc.

If the test shows that the car has failed MOT, you will not be able to drive it on public roads until the faults are repaired.

Which cars need an MOT?

An annual MOT test is required for any vehicle in the UK that is three years old from the date it was first registered. If you own a vintage car - a car over 40 years of age - you don't require an MOT test. However, the owners of vintage vehicles are obligated to keep them in a safe and roadworthy condition. Be sure to keep an eye on your MOT due date. 

What if MOT information is not available for my car?

If a car does not have an MOT, it may be less than three years old. There will be no MOT data available in the MOT history check in such a case.

How do i check when my MOT is due?

MOT tests are required every 12 months after your car reaches 3 years old. Enter your details at the top of the page to find out when your MOT expiry date using your vehicle registration number.

How to check MOT when I want to buy a car?

A UK MOT check helps you determine if the car you're planning to buy was in a safe, roadworthy condition at the moment of testing. You can also check the vehicle MOT history and find out what issues did it have (or had not) in the past.

Can I drive without an MOT?

Driving without MOT in the UK is against the law and invalidates your car insurance. The vehicle driver is responsible for keeping on top of their current MOT status. 

What are the most common failures of an MOT check?

Over 30% of cars failed their MOT in 2020 due to minor, major or dangerous faults. The top MOT advisories for failing were:
1. Lamps, lights, signals - 26%
2. Suspension - 18%
3. Brakes - 17%
4. Tyres - 12%
5. Visibility - 8%