Number Plate Check

A Number Plate Check provides a comprehensive look into the history and details associated with a vehicle’s registration plate. Whether you’re buying a used car or just curious about the history of your vehicle, our service offers a detailed report that covers everything from registration details to crucial historical data.

Why Check a Number Plate before buying a used car?

It’s normal for cars to have different registration plates over their lifetime, but if the car is stolen or the dealer isn’t honest about the fact that the plates have been changed, it could cause issues for you in the future. Using a number plate check provides you with peace of mind and certainty that the car you’re buying is genuine. We source our information from trustworthy sources so when you use our number plate checking services, you can be confident that you’re getting a report with precise and trusted data.

Number Plate Check FAQ

What Information Will I Get From a Number Plate Check?

A Number Plate Check provides details such as the vehicle’s make, model, year of manufacture, MOT history, tax status, and any recorded incidents or insurance claims.

How Can I Perform a Number Plate Check?

To perform a Number Plate Check, visit our website, enter the vehicle’s number plate in the designated field, and submit the request. The report will be generated instantly.

Is a Number Plate Check legal?

Yes, conducting a Number Plate Check is completely legal. It uses publicly available data to provide information about a vehicle.

Can I Find Out The Current Owner of a Vehicle With a Number Plate Check?

No, Number Plate Checks do not reveal personal information about the vehicle’s current or previous owners to protect privacy.

Can a Number Plate Check Identify a Cloned Vehicle?

While the check can provide historical data, identifying cloned vehicles may require additional investigation and checks.

Can I Use This For Any Vehicle?

Our Number Plate Check service is available for all vehicles registered in the UK. It does not cover vehicles registered outside the UK.