Car Spec Check

Car specification is the first step in determining what sort of car you want. Our car spec checks give you a description of the essential details that are kept for display in a car dealership, so if you’re buying a car online or you want to confirm the details about a used vehicle, a car spec check is essential.

What does a car spec check involve?

A car specification check is a report that reveals the core specifications of a vehicle, such as the make, model, fuel consumption, performance, speed figures and road tax status. It helps you make the most informed decision when buying a used car, and enables you to check if a car is precisely what you need. It’s a handy tool to make sure you’re choosing the right car for you. For example, knowing the running cost per year for a car can help you determine if a car will fit into your budget. Likewise, if choosing a fuel-efficient car is important to you, a car spec check can provide you with the economic details of the car.

What information does the report provide me with?

Our car spec check report provides data from various trusted sources, including the DVLA, so you’ll get a comprehensive report. We’ll supply you with a wealth of information, from vehicle running costs and mileage history to performance data, BHP check, top speed, torque and much more.

Car Spec Check FAQ

What is a Car Spec Check?

A Car Spec Check is a comprehensive analysis that provides detailed specifications of a vehicle. This includes information about the car's engine size, fuel efficiency, dimensions, safety features, and more.