Car Tax Check

Find out if a vehicle has up-to-date tax by entering the registration number into our car tax checker.

If you’ve ever wondered if your car has tax, how much your car tax is going to cost you or you’re looking to buy a new car and want to know how much the tax will be, our guide will answer all your questions about car tax.

How can I check if a UK vehicle is taxed?

There are several circumstances where car tax checking is vital. If you’re purchasing a vehicle, you’ll need to check if it has current vehicle tax for it to be legally allowed to be driven on UK roads until the ownership is transferred to you. At this point, you’ll become the legal owner. Alternatively, you might own a vehicle and be unsure when the car tax is due to expire.

A vehicle needs a valid MOT certificate and car insurance, and both of these details are inspected by the government website when you road tax your car online. If either of these elements are missing, or have expired, you’ll need to update them before you can tax your car. A car tax check provides you with the data and information you need so that whether it’s your own vehicle or one you’re hoping to buy, you’ll have the information you need in seconds.

What happens if I’m caught without car tax?

It’s important to know that it’s a legal requirement to have car tax on your vehicle if you’re using it on UK roads. If it’s stored off-road, a SORN declaration is needed to show that the car isn’t being used on the roads. If you’re caught without car tax for any reason, the penalties are severe – you could wind up with a fine of up to £1,000, and the DVLA can order untaxed cars to be clamped or impounded. While it’s easy to forget to tax your car, checking your car tax status online and expiration using our checking service helps you to stay within the law and keeps your car road legal.

Car Tax Check FAQ

Why do I have to pay car tax?

Car tax is an annual payment that UK drivers are legally obligated to pay. It was introduced to help maintain road surfaces and while it was initially brought in exclusively for road maintenance, it can now be spent on other things.

How do I check my car tax online?

Checking your car tax couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is enter your vehicle registration number through our tax checking service and we’ll give you the details instantly. Our guide on car tax bands will also help with further information.

What documents do I need to renew my car tax?

To renew your car tax online, you’ll need a reminder from the DVLA which is a V11 document, or you will require your car logbook, also known as a V5C. These documents will provide you with the 11 digit reference number so you can fill out the form online. You’ll also need an up to date MOT certificate if it’s four years or older and you’re taxing it in person at a post office. However, this will be checked automatically if you’re applying online. Finally, you’ll need to show an insurance certificate or a cover note if you’re taxing it at a post office.

If my vehicle is off the road, do I need to tax it?

If your car is off the road, you will need to declare that via a SORN which stands for Statutory Off Road Notification. Once you return it to the road, the process of taxing it is simple and can be done online or by contacting the DVLA. You’ll need the 11 digit reference number from your vehicle logbook. However, remember that it will also need to have an MOT and insurance. And if your test has run out, you’ll need it to be retested before it can be taxed.

What cars are exempt from road tax in the UK?

Some vehicles/cars are exempt from road tax in the UK for various reasons. You may be exempt from paying road tax on your vehicle if you:

– Own a historic vehicle made before the 1st of January, 1982.
– Are a blue badge holder, depending on your disability and the benefits you claim.
– Use a vehicle within an organisation to provide transportation for disabled people.
– Drive specific agricultural vehicles, such as a tractor; however, not all agrarian vehicles are exempt.
– Have a powered wheelchair, such as a mobility scooter, as long as it is registered as class 3, i.e. the vehicle has a maximum speed of 8mph and has a fitted device to prevent it from travelling faster than 4pmh on public footpaths.
– Own a fully electric vehicle.

There may be other specific reasons that exempt you from paying road tax, making thorough research critical to discover whether you are eligible; otherwise, you could be breaking the law.

When is my car tax due?

Use our car tax check to determine whether a vehicle has up-to-date tax. Our check will also provide you with other important information on a car, such as its MOT history, mileage, ownership history, and more.